The ActionFlight G-FORCE Aerobatic Experience

Experience aerobatics & G Forces @400kph in a world champion air race ‘Unlimited Category’ aircraft over Ras Al Khaimah


The ActionFlight G-FORCE Aerobatic Experience is at the top end of elite action thrills anywhere in the world. Our highly experienced pilots will fly you through an amazing, awe-inspiring Aerobatic routine where you will experience staggering roll and climb rates at speeds up to 400KPH and real face pulling G-Forces.

Actionflight operates the World Champion winning unlimited category competition aircraft, the EXTRA 330. This is the same aircraft type that started the Red Bull Air-race championship.

You will experience 360-degree panoramic views of the spectacular Ras Al Khaimah coastline, mountains, and desert, making this experience a true of a kind adventure.

Often described as ‘the Ferrari of the skies’, our aircraft are specifically designed for advanced competition Aerobatics of plus and minus 10G.

Your flight experience will comprise of:

  • Pilot Briefing, flight suit and helmet fitting
  • We take to the skies for the ride of your life. Approximately 20 mins, where you communicate with the pilot, tailoring your experience to your comfort level.

All Flights are captured on our in-flight camera recording system, which are available to be shared with you soon after landing.