Ras Al Khaimah airport will be the base for aviation and adventure tourism

ActionFllight- RAK Airport Signing

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January 14, 2022

Patricia Watkins  January 14, 2022 

Dubai: Ras Al Khaimah International Airport will open its airfield as an operational base for a new adventure tourism company, Actionflight Aviation.

The agreement, which supports the emirate’s plans to expand its travel and tourism landscape, will give UAE residents and visitors the opportunity to participate in aerobatic flights, skydiving and hot air ballooning. “We are focusing on two extremely important areas of development which are tourism promotion and business investment, as they are becoming evident in our beautiful emirate of Ras Al Khaimah,” said Salem Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Department of civil aviation and Ras. Al Khaimah International Airport and member of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and of the Executive Council of RAK.

“With ActionFlight’s hot air ballooning, skydiving and aerobatic services run by New Zealand professionals, we look forward to providing tourists and residents with exciting activities the whole family can enjoy.”

With the recent announcement of a 60 million dirham five-year development plan, the emirate’s airport plans to become a major air hub in the region.

 Source https://hotel-couronne-jougne.com/ras-al-khaimah-airport-will-be-the-base-for-aviation-and-adventure-tourism/

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